Install An Hd Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish

Many people would like to get the hundreds of high definition channels that are available through satellite providers, but don’t do so because they feel that installing the dish is too complicated or they are afraid of doing something wrong. Here is how you install a Satellite Dish system


1. First you should determine where you are going to place your new Satellite Dish.

2. Next take the mounting bracket and draw an outline of the bracket and mark where the holes are located on the outline.

3. After you finish the outline drill the holes into the areas you have marked and then take the mounting bracket and bolt it to the area you have selected for your dish.

4. Once you have installed the bracket and mounted the dish connect the small television to the dish. The dish will have a signal strength application in the menu selection screen.

5. Once the application is active take the small television and place it where you will be able to both see the television and move the dish at the same time.

6. Make sure the dish is locked in the middle of its vertical movement.

7. Move the dish back and forth horizontally and stop where the signal is strongest and then tighten the bolt that holds the dish in place horizontally.

8. Loosen the bolt that holds the dish in place vertically and then move the dish up and down vertically and stop where the signal is the strongest

9. Tighten the bolt that holds the dish in place vertically.

10. Disconnect the from the small television and connect it to the television you wish to view your newly acquired channels on.