Install An Oil Pressure Gauge In An Hd 1200 Custom

Refer to the year of the HD 1200 Custom when you purchase the oil gauge…

The oil pressure gauge is an essential part of the instrumentation on your HD 1200 custom. A faulty oil gauge that displays incorrect readings when the oil level is critical or the oil pump is not working properly could lead to engine damage. The modest price of a new gauge and the relatively short time required to install it far exceed the alternative of replacing an engine. Obtain a Harley-Davidson or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement part and park the motorcycle in the work area to install a new oil pressure gauge in your HD 1200 Custom.


1. Park the motorcycle on its kickstand. Turn the front wheel fully to the right.

2. Identify the oil gauge wire and connector above the front wheel at the underside of the speedometer housing. Depress the tabs on the side of the connector by hand and pull the oil gauge wire connector out of the connector at the main wire harness.

3. Loosen and remove the screws on the side of the speedometer cover with a metric hex wrench. Save the screws. Lift the cover off the speedometer and set it aside.

4. Lift the oil gauge and the attached wire lead and connector out of the speedometer plate.

5. Feed the attached wire and connector at bottom of the new oil gauge through the speedometer plate where the old gauge was removed. Fit the oil gauge into place on the face of the plate.

6. Reach above the front wheel and push the oil gauge wire connector into the connector on the main wire harness where the old wire was disconnected.

7. Fit the speedometer cover onto the speedometer. Thread the saved cover screws into the cover by hand. Tighten the screws with the metric hex wrench.