Install Baffles In Vance And Hines Long Shots

Vance and Hines long shots dual exhaust with baffles installed.

Vance and Hines Long Shot exhaust pipes provide motorcycle enthusiasts with increased power and a deeper, throatier sound for their motorcycle of choice. Long Shot pipes come with factory-installed baffle kits that are meant to cut down the noise level of the exhaust considerably, however it may not always be enough to be within the legal limit for particular states. Therefore it is necessary to install aftermarket baffles or build your own in order to get your exhaust roar under control. Depending on your exhaust setup, you can expect between 5 to 10 decibels less than with using just factory-installed baffles.


1. Measure the door strikes and find the center lengthwise. Place one of the strikes in the vise and, using the pliers, bend it at a 90-degree angle on the center marking. Do the same thing to the other door strike.

2. Locate the baffle market mounting hole on the “bike side” of your Long Shots piping. It should be approximately 3 to 4 inches from the end of the exhaust pipe and threaded.

3. Lay one side of the bent door strike flat on the inside of the exhaust pipe and slide it back until the door strike hole lines up with the baffle mounting hole. Install the baffle by placing a bolt through this hole, squirting a small amount of the rubber sealant on there, and tightening securely. This particular type of baffle quiets your exhaust because it disrupts the outflow of the exhaust gases and decreases reverberation.