Install Bmw Engine Guards

Engine guards are used an all bikes to protect the engine during a crash.

If you ever ride a BMW motorcycle and have ever dropped it you will know that it is rather expensive to replace parts. A bit of cheap “insurance” is to install a set of engine guards to protect the engine from further damage. They are moderately expensive to purchase, but far cheaper than the expensive engine parts that can otherwise get damaged in a fall. Installing them is rather straightforward and only takes about 30 minutes and simple tools due to the design.


1. Position the left engine guard in place to determine what existing bolts need to be removed. Once they are determined, remove them.

2. Place engine guard back in location and replace the bolts.

3. Mount any additional hardware that may came with your specific models crashbars. Once the guard is mounted, tighten all bolts securely. Repeat process on the right side. Once complete, you will have successfully mounted engine crashbars on your BMW and will no longer damage the engine during a minor fall.