Install Brake Pedal Covers

Spice up your interior by changing the pedal covers.

Changing the pedal covers in your car can spice up the interior of your car. Pedal covers are inexpensive and easy to install, but they can easily break up the monotony in an otherwise boring driving area. You must be careful when installing the covers, though. If they are loose while you are driving, then they can be dangerous. Install them carefully to make them both stylish and safe.


1. Pop off the rubber cover from the brake pedal. This is easily done by reaching behind the pedal and stretching the cover up and forward until it pops over the top of the pedal. Once the top is off it will slide easily downward and off.

2. Place white masking tape over the brake pedal. This will make it easier to see the marks.

3. Place the pedal cover over the top of the pedal. Draw a circle through two screw holes in the pedal cover. One should be on the top right, the other should be on the bottom left. Remove the pedal cover and put it aside.

4. Use a center punch to dent the center of both the holes. Drill holes through the pedal using the center punch indentations as a guide. Drill with a very small drill bit first and gradually work your way up to a larger drill bit. The smaller drill bit is much easier to maintain in the indentation than a larger bit.

5. Place the pedal cover over the top of the hole and use a screw in each hole to keep it in place.