Install Drag Bars On A Motorcycle Bobber Or Chopper

drag bars on a honda 250 rebel

Fitting your motorcycle with some cool drag bars can eliminate that pain in your neck and is very easy, providing you consider a few things first and check a few things along the way.


1. First, take some measurements to see what kind of bar will actually fit on your bike. Check the rise and clearance needed and width, height, and pullback you desire. Width and height are obvious but clearance can be tricky. Try to find an old coat hanger and bend it into the style of bars you would like and copy those measurements. Some drag bars will require risers to be installed. Companies like JC Whitney and Dennis Kirk can provide you with inexpensive materials you will need to complete this job. Be sure to verify the tube size of your new bars.

2. Position the bike on the center stand. Safety First! Now lets begin the actual swap by removing the old handlebar. Remove the bar ends and mirrors completely — mirrors can be amazingly unwieldy when the levers are off the bar. Remove the levers and hand controls one at a time and place them atop shop towels on the instrument cluster or tank

3. Remove the left switch cluster keeping in mind the small screws may be two different lengths and need to go back from where they came. On the right side Dismantle the throttle cluster and slide the throttle tube off the bar. You may have to remove one throttle cable to allow the barrel to slide off the end, but if you can leave it assembled, do it.

4. Loosen the bar mounts and take note of their position. Most Japanese bikes have staggered mounts. Fit the new bar and hand-tighten the clamp. Sit on the bike and get a feel for it making adjustments, width and pullback. If you are happy loosely install the switch clusters at the correct distance from the ends to accommodate the grips, and check for tank clearance at full lock

5. Mount the clutch and brake perch clamps, switch clusters and grips and see if you still like the feel. If you’re happy, torque the main clamp or clamps, fit the bar ends and take it for a test ride.