Install Eagle Cad Freeware

Computer Aided Design software renders digital 3D objects in real time.

Computer Aided Design software, often abbreviated to CAD software, is used in the architecture, entertainment, graphics and industrial design industries. The most popular CAD software like AutoCAD is incredibly expensive, and priced out of range of most consumers. CadSoft, a European software developer, has created a lower-priced CAD program called EAGLE CAD. Not only is the software comparatively inexpensive, CadSoft hosts a limited freeware version of EAGLE CAD on their servers that you can download and install at any time.


1. Turn on your computer and log in. Start your Internet browser and navigate to the EAGLE download page (see Resources.)

2. Click the link marked “tp://” and save the file to your computer desktop. The file is about 35 megabytes, and will take the same amount of time to download as a typical MP3 music album. Wait for the download to finish.

3. Close the browser and return to the computer desktop. Double-click the file marked “eagle-win-5.10.0.” Click “Setup.” Follow the setup instructions, clicking “Next,” “Yes” and “OK” as appropriate.

4. Select “Run as Freeware” at the license window. Click “Next,” then “Finish.” If you want to purchase the full version of EAGLE CAD, you can enter the license code later.