Install End Caps On Hand Grips On Harleydavidson Motorcycles

End caps protect the edges of motorcycle handgrips.

Many Harley-Davidson riders add leather saddlebags, hand grip covers with end caps and leather tassels to their bikes. Hand grips with end caps add a thicker volume to the grips for a secure grasp. Caps protect the grips from rubbing on the metal ends of the handlebars, which eventually wears through after several years of use.


1. Pull out about 3 inches of double-stick tape. Pull the bottom protective backing off the tape and let it hang down. Press the end of the tape near the left motorcycle grip closest to the center of the handlebars. Pull additional tape off the roll while pulling the backing off and wrapping it around the grip in a loose circle to the outer end of the grip. Make four to five revolutions down the length of the grip.

2. Place one hand on each side of the opening in the grip cover. It is a tube with a slit down the length. Pull the two halves apart and place them on the left grip over the tank with the slit pointing down and the end cover on the outermost part of the handlebar. Press the cover in place over the tape.

3. Cut the tip of each end of the lace with scissors at a 45-degree angle to create a pointed tip. Pull the lace through each hole on each side of the grip cover nearest the handlebars so the lace protrudes from each side in the same length.

4. Insert the loose end of the right lace through the second left hole. Insert the loose end of the left lace through the second right hole. Continue this process until the entire grip with end caps is laced as a shoe.

5. Tie a double knot in the ends of the lace. Let the excess leather lacing hang down, or trim it.