Install External Speakers To A Hdtv

Install External Speakers to a HDTV

The built-in speakers on many HDTV sets might not provide the audio quality you desire when compared to stand-alone speaker systems. If you live in an apartment or space is tight, setting up full-sized speakers as part of a home-theater system might not be an option. Hooking up a pair of stereo speakers to the audio outputs on your HDTV can improve the sound without taking up a lot of space. Connect only speakers with an amplifier built into the units because the TV’s output does not supply enough power for external audio.


1. Press the “Power” button on the HDTV to turn off the set while hooking up audio cables.

2. Push in the plug labeled “L” on the Y-adapter into the left jack labeled “Audio Out” on the HDTV. Connect the plug labeled “R” to the right jack on the TV set.

3. Connect the small plug on the end of the external speakers’ audio cable to the 3.5 mm jack on the Y-adapter.

4. Attach the other end of the speaker cable to the jack on the back of the left or right speaker, depending on the model.

5. Insert the cable plug attached to one of the speakers to the output jack on the opposite speaker, which contains the built-in amplifier that powers both of them.

6. Connect the DC power adapter cord to the electrical jack on the back of one of the speakers and plug the other end into a wall outlet.