Install Floor Boards On A ’78 Harley Electra Glide

Motorcycle footboard.

The 75th Anniversary 1978 Electra Glide came equipped with what Harley-Davidson calls rider “footboards,” or floorboards. The boards were fixed rather than retractable, shaped like half-moons and covered with rubber. Replacements are still available from aftermarket suppliers. The original boards had two female mounts and bolted to a footboard mount. If all of that has disappeared in the last 30 years, both contemporary and original equipment replacement floorboard mounting kits are available.


1. Remove your right foot peg by turning the bolt head with a socket wrench while you immobilize the nut with a box wrench.

2. Bolt the replacement right footboard mounts to the frame of the Electra Glide with a socket wrench, using the nut, bolt and washers that came with your mount. Put thread locker on the bolt threads. Tighten with a breaker bar.

3. Bolt the right footboard bracket, if one came with your mounting kit, to the right footboard mount or mounts. In most cases, the components bolt together with a single hex nut and lock washer. Some contemporary footboard mounts may be secured with an Allen bolt.

4. Put thread locker on the threads of the exposed footboard mounting stud or the original equipment replacement mounting bolts. Tighten the hex nut with a socket and breaker bar. Alternately, put thread locker on the threads of the Allen bolt of your contemporary footboard mount and tighten with an Allen wrench.

5. Bolt the fixed right footboards to the right footboard mount by inserting the two male mounts into the two female mounts. Secure the two pairs of mounts by turning the hex bolt heads with a socket wrench, immobilizing the nuts with a box wrench. Some mounting kits require you to secure the two pairs of mounts by tightening an Allen head bolt with an Allen wrench.

6. Repeat these steps to mount the left footboard.