Install Forward Controls On A 2009 Dyna

Forward controls give taller motorcyclists more room to stretch out.

The installation of forward controls on your 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycle allows you the comfort of traveling stretched out a bit further than the stock foot pegs or floorboards will allow. Of particular interest to taller riders for whom standard controls feel cramped and tiresome, forward controls have also become a sought-after custom accessory to give the Dyna line of motorcycles a longer, lower look and feel.


1. Remove the stock foot pegs from the motorcycle by unbolting them from the frame. The right side includes the brake pedal, while on the left side of the bike, the transmission foot shifter will also be removed. Leave the brake cable and the transmission linkage hanging.

2. Bolt the forward controls into place in the mounting holes for the stock foot pegs. The forward controls are installed as a unit, replacing the brake pedal and the foot shifter. If reusing the stock floorboards, bolt them into place on the forward controls at this time.

3. Install the brake cable, then the transmission shift linkage. Check the brake for adequate adjustment by feel. Tighten or loosen the brake cable nut located near the back tire brake of the motorcycle.