Install Highway Pegs On An 883c Harley Davidson

Highway pegs are also known as “forward pegs” because they relocate the traditional middle-position foot pegs with ones that bolt to the front of the frame. This allows your legs to rest in a seated position similar to when you drive a car. Many people add highway pegs to the Harley-Davidson 883C Sportster to improve long-distance riding comfort, since the motorcycle is unusually compact. Most highway pegs bolt to the dual down tubes that extend from the front forks.


1. Remove the bar clamp from the highway pegs with the socket set or Allen wrench set. The type of tool depends on the brand of highway peg you purchased. The bar clamp usually consists of a half-round metal clamp secured to the highway peg with two bolts. Remove the bolts and half round metal clamp.

2. Position one highway peg onto the right down tube on the front of the frame. Place the half-round clamp on the backside of the frame and secure the clamp to the highway peg with the two bolts and the socket or Allen wrench. Tighten the bolts tight enough to hold the peg in place but do not over tighten the pegs at this time. Duplicate the process on the left down tube.

3. Sit on the 883C and place your feet on the highway pegs and make sure you can reach them easily and that your legs are comfortable while your feet are on them.

4. Adjust the pegs up or down on the down tube depending on your preference and tighten the bolts.