Install Iso Grips On A Sportster

The grips on your Harley-Davidson Sportster are an essential part of your comfort on the motorcycle. As your primary means of reading the road beneath you, the type and condition of the grips on your bike can have a huge impact on your confidence on the bike. Rather than put up with old or tattered grips that don’t give you the tactile feedback you need, learn install a pair of ISO grips on your Sportster.


1. Remove the bar end weights on the handlebars of your Sportster using a Phillips screwdriver. The weights should fall away from the bars fairly easily when the main bolt has been removed.

2. Attach the included straw to the nozzle of a can of water-displacement agent. Slide this straw between the left handlebar grip and the handlebar and spray a liberal amount in between them. Twist the left handlebar grip off of the bars by hand. Repeat this procedure on the right side of the handlebars to remove the right-side grip from the plastic throttle sleeve.

3. Remove any grip adhesive residue on the handlebar or throttle sleeve using the small piece of sandpaper included with your ISO grips.

4. Wipe off your handlebar and throttle sleeve with a clean rag. Uncap the included grip adhesive and apply a liberal amount to the inside of the left handlebar grip (the grip with the smaller opening). Slide the left-side handlebar grip into place on the bars. Allow the grip adhesive to dry for up to one hour.

5. Apply a liberal amount of grip adhesive to the inside of the right-side handlebar grip (the grip with the larger opening). Slide the grip into place over the plastic throttle sleeve. Be sure to align the throttle boss the way you want it, as you will not be able to reset the grip once the adhesive dries. Allow up to one hour for the adhesive to dry, then take your Sportster out for a ride and feel the difference a nice new set of grips makes to your ride.