Install Leather Saddlebags

Installing leather saddlebags on your motorcycle is a great way to increase cargo capacity, while adding a stylish accessory. Before you install leather saddlebags, purchase and install steel support frames, made specifically for your make and model. These support frames will not only provide an anchor point for securing the bags, they will also keep the bags from interfering with the drive chain, belt or shaft and rear suspension.


1. Follow the instructions written by the manufacturer for installing the specific brand of support frames on your motorcycle. Most manufacturers will utilize bolts or holes already in place on the motorcycle to mount the frames.

2. Remove the motorcycle seat. Lay the saddlebags into position over the rear wheel. Make sure the bags hang evenly from side to side.

3. Secure the saddlebags to the frames. Most saddlebag manufacturers will attach D-rings to the side of the saddlebag that faces the rear wheel. Tie the bags to the frames using nylon straps.

4. Reinstall the motorcycle seat.