Install Led Lights In Saddlebags

Saddlebags are often used for motorcycle touring.

Saddlebags are often used for motorcycle touring. These hard-shelled bags attach to the rear sides of the motorcycle and provide a weathertight shell to transport gear on the space-limited motorcycle. Adding a series of small LED lights to the saddlebags provides an extra level of visibility to others on the road, thus giving an added level of safety for the rider. Adding the LED lights to the saddlebags is a quick and simple task, and one that is easy to do yourself.


1. Lay out the LED light strip for the saddlebags. These strips are available through motorcycle supply stores. Hold the strip up against the saddlebags and determine where you wish to cut them down for a custom fit.

2. Cut down the LED strips to your desired length. When cutting the LED light strip, check your instruction guide, as some require cuts be made in certain locations. Remember, check twice and cut once.

3. Wash off the surface of the saddlebags where the LED strip lights will attach. Use soapy water and a sponge, then let the saddlebag areas dry.

4. Pull the attachment wires and plugs out from the strip and peel off the tape on the bottom of the LED strip.

5. Stick the LED lights onto the saddlebags in the washed and prepped area. Press hard on the strip to get the adhesive to set.

6. Run the wires or plugs to the desired power source. Use the motorcycle battery or a set of battery attachments in the saddlebags themselves.