Install Live Wall Paper On Iphone 4

Replace the factory installed wallpaper with an animated background.

You can install live animated wallpaper on your iPhone as long as your device is jailbroken. To complete the installation, your jailbroken iPhone needs to have the Cydia and WinterBoard apps installed. Cydia is used to find and download live wallpaper, while WinterBoard is necessary to activate the animated background.


1. Go to the “Cydia” app and tap the “Search” icon. Type “Live Wallpaper” into the top search field and press the “Search” button.

2. Browse through the live wallpaper listings and select the one that want you to install. Tap the listing to pull it up. Tap the “Screenshots” option to view a picture of the wallpaper. The screen shot is not animated, so you can’t see it in action until you install it on your phone.

3. Tap the “Install” button at the top of the screen. Touch the “Confirm” button to continue. Cydia will download and install on the wallpaper in the WinterBoard themes directory. When it is done, tap the “Return to Cydia” button.

4. Press the “Home” button on your phone to return to the main screen. Go into your “Settings” app and scroll down until you find the “WinterBoard” section. Tap it to access the settings.

5. Tap the “Select Themes” option and touch the live wallpaper title you just downloaded. A check will appear next to the name. Press the “WinterBoard” button at the top.

6. Tap the “Respring” button and the device will restart. You may need to wait up to a minute for it to reboot. Once the iPhone restarts, go to the home screen to see your live wallpaper in action.