Install Maps On A Harley Efi

Upgrade the EFI map in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle for optimum performance.

Contemporary Harley-Davidson motorcycles have abandoned the use of carburetors in favor of electronic fuel injection, or EFI. Fuel delivery to the injectors is regulated by software maps in the electronic control unit (ECU) on the motorcycle. You might install different maps to conserve fuel on long-distance rides or to improve performance in conditions that call for numerous gear changes. Those with limited knowledge of EFI systems should enlist the services of a qualified Harley-Davidson technician. If you have experience with EFI systems, perform an evaluation to determine the ideal maps for optimum performance.


1. Connect the EFI fuel injection tuner interface cables to the electronic controller unit (ECU) and the fuel map sensor on the motorcycle.

2. Set the data mode on the tuner to “Record Data Files” and start the motorcycle engine. Allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temperature by idling for approximately five minutes.

3. Observe the tachometer on the motorcycle as you twist the throttle grip to simulate your riding style.

4. Maintain a constant 2,600 rpms for two minutes to establish the correct map for long-distance riding in top gear. Raise and lower the engine speed from 900 rpms to 3,500 rpms for two minutes and simulate gear changes to establish the correct map for shorter rides.

5. Note the “AFR” code on the EFI tuner display after completing the two-minute evaluation. Turn off the engine. Refer to a closed-loop bias table and obtain the correct software disc based on the information in the table.

6. Switch the ignition key to the “Accessory” position. Set the EFI tuner to “Download Mapping Software” and install the disc in the software tray. Select the “Download” function and monitor the progress bar on the tuner display.

7. Disconnect the tuner interface cables from the ECU and map sensor on the motorcycle when the download is complete.