Install Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Motorcycle saddlebags are a necessary accessory for carrying items, be they groceries, books, or clothing for a trip. Saddlebags are made in a variety of materials such as leather, hard plastic, sturdy nylon or with soft-sided cooler insulation. They also come in a variety of sizes: compact and convenient, medium-sized, or large cruising bags. Saddlebags typically come with waterproof covers and straps so they can be firmly secured to the frame.


1. Use the key to unlock the seat from the frame and lift off the seat. The seat lock will be located in close proximity to the seat.

2. Position the saddlebags toward the rear of the space that was exposed by the removal of the seat. Saddlebags, one for each side, are connected by straps so they can be held in place once the seat is reinstalled.

3. Attach security straps to frame and clip into the saddlebags. These will hold the bags closer to the frame so they will not bang around when the motorcycle is being ridden.

4. Replace the seat, ensuring it has been locked back into place.