Install Performance Machine Motorcycle Brake Calipers

Performance Machine’s brake calipers can provide that final touch to any custom motorcycle, offering a relatively simple bolt-on installation that can be performed with a minimal amount of tools. Taking a few moments to cover your motorcycle’s fenders and fairings can go a long way in protecting them from the risk of damage during the job. Expect the task to take a minimum of 30 minutes for a single caliper installation while dual brake setups may take as long as one hour.


1. Pull in the brake lever to close the master cylinder’s piston, preventing the brake fluid from flowing. Wrap a bungee cord around the brake lever and the handlebar to hold the lever in place.

2. Loosen the brake caliper mounting bolts on the front fork with a socket or Allen wrench. Loosen the brake line banjo bolt slightly with a socket wrench.

3. Unscrew the brake caliper bolts completely with the socket wrench. Pull the brake caliper off of the front rotor. Suspend the caliper from the handlebars with a bungee cord.

4. Slide the Performance Machine caliper over the front brake rotor and onto the front fork. Place a spacer shim between the caliper and its mounting point on the front fork, as needed, to align the caliper with the front brake rotor. Secure the caliper to the front fork with the socket or Allen wrench to tighten the caliper mounting bolts.

5. Unscrew the brake line banjo bolt from the original caliper with the socket wrench. Pull the brake line and the banjo bolt off of the caliper.

6. Remove the pair of copper crush washers from the banjo bolt and replace them with new crush washers.

7. Place the brake line onto the Performance Machine caliper and screw the banjo bolt into place with the Allen wrench.

8. Unscrew the lid of the brake master cylinder’s fluid reservoir and release the brake lever. Top the fluid reservoir off with fresh brake fluid. Place a piece of clear tubing over the bleeder valve on the end of the Performance Machine caliper and place the other end of the tubing into a container.

9. Open the bleeder valve with a combination wrench. Pull in the brake lever to force a small amount of brake fluid and air out of the caliper. Release the brake lever slowly then close the bleeder valve. Continue to bleed the brake system, using this method until the brake fluid trapped in the tubing does not contain air bubbles.

10. Top off the master cylinder’s fluid reservoir with fresh brake fluid before replacing the lid.