Install Ps3 Wallpapers

You can download images from the Internet to use as PS3 wallpaper.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is as customizable as any desktop computer. PS3 owners can make custom background wallpaper from any image downloaded through the PS3’s Internet browser or stored on their own computers.


Via the Internet Browser

1. Nearly any image found on the Internet can be used as PS3 wallpaper. Open the PS3 Internet browser by selecting “Network,” then “Internet Browser” from the main menu XMB (XrossMediaBar). Navigate to any website that offers wallpaper images, such as Flickr or Google Images.

2. Place your cursor over an image and press the triangle button on the PS3 controller. A context menu will open. From this menu, go to “File,” then select “Save Image.”

3. Exit the PS3 Internet browser and go to “Photo” in the XMB main menu.

4. Find the image you downloaded, select it and press the triangle button on the PS3 controller. Then select “Set as Wallpaper.”

Manually From an External Source

5. Navigate your computer’s Web browser to a website for PS3 themes and/or wallpaper images.

6. Download the file onto your computer and save it to a portable USB drive or thumb drive. Wallpaper images should be .jpg images. Any image on the computer from a digital camera or other image source can also be used.

7. Connect the USB drive or thumb drive to the PS3 via the console’s USB port.

8. Navigate to “Photos” in the XMB, then find the icon for the USB drive. Select the drive and press the triangle button to bring up the copy menu. Copy wallpaper images to the “Photos” directory. From there, navigate to the image file and apply it as a wallpaper by selecting it with the triangle button.