Install Saddle Bag Supports On A Harley Davidson Sportster

Saddlebags are among the first accessories most motorcyclists consider when they think of adding luggage to their Harley-Davidson Sportster. Saddlebags provide storage room for rain gear, groceries or a change of clothes if you use your Sportster as your daily commute vehicle. Before installing saddlebags on a Sportster it’s important to install saddlebag supports to keep the bags from interfering with the rear wheel.


1. Starting with the right side of the Sportster, remove the bolt, washer and shock absorber cover from the top of the shock absorber where it is secured to the frame. Keep the washer for later installation.

2. Remove the front-most button head bolt and nut from the fender support cover, just to the left of the shock absorber.

3. Attach the rear mounting hole of the saddlebag support bracket by inserting the supplied bolt through the wire retention bracket, rear fender, fender support frame rail, fender support cover and the saddlebag support.

4. Slide the spacer washer onto the screw threads and tighten the locking acorn nut.

5. Attach the front of the saddlebag support bracket and the upper shock absorber mount to the frame using the supplied hex head screw.

6. Repeat on the opposite side of the Sportster.