Install Saddle Bags On Dyna Wide Glides

Saddlebag equipped motorcycles are versatile enough for a trip to the store.

Installing leather saddle bags on your Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide allows you not only to travel farther on your Harley, but also gives you the freedom to take your Harley out for quick runs around town. A trip to the store for milk or bread isn’t out of the realm of possibility anymore when you’ve got some storage on your ride to bring home your purchases. The added versatility afforded by saddle bags is literally priceless, and you’ll find that even if you install removable saddle bags, they’ll spend far more time on the motorcycle than they will on the shelf.


1. Remove the four bolts which hold the Dyna’s rear fender onto the frame. Support the fender with your hand to prevent it from falling. Included with the saddlebag mounting kit are extended length bolts which you will use to install the saddle bag stand-off bars.

2. Install the stand-off bars on the outside of the frame support, running the extended bolt through the bars’ mounting holes, through the fender support and through the fender’s screw hole. These can be tightened down when both saddlebag support bars are in place, one on each side of the motorcycle.

3. Remove the passenger seat pad by loosening the bolt located at the back of the seat with a hex wrench and then pulling the seat back up, then off the fender. Leather saddlebags have a strap between them which will be mounted under the passenger seat.

4. Tie the securing straps for the leather saddlebags onto the saddlebag support bars. Check to ensure that the bags hang evenly across the back of the motorcycle without touching the exhaust system or any moving parts, and that they do not block the passenger’s access to the passenger foot pegs.

5. Reinstall the passenger seat over the saddlebag’s securing straps and tighten the retaining bolt at the back of the seat.