Install Saddlebags On A Suzuki Boulevard C50

If you have a Suzuki Boulevard C50 motorcycle, finding a saddlebag to fit it should be no problem at all. There are dozens of saddlebags out there that fit this type of motorcycle, so you’ll have your choice depending on style, size and price. The simplest and most convenient way to install saddlebags on your motorcycle is to use an “easy bracket,” which may cost a bit more, but it allows you to take your saddlebags off when you don’t want to leave your valuables unattended.


1. Purchase a saddlebag kit, including an easy bracket set that allows you to easily remove your saddlebags. Be sure to buy the easy bracket set that is compatible with a Suzuki Boulevard C50. Read the instructions carefully.

2. Remove the fender bolts from one side of your motorcycle. Replace the fender bolts with the two docking posts that came with your easy bracket set.

3. Hold your saddlebag up to the docking posts to determine the proper location for the saddlebags. Be sure that the saddlebag will not hang so low that it touches the exhaust pipe or obstruct any other feature of the motorcycle. Use a piece of tape or marker to mark the location on the saddlebag where the docking posts will meet your bag.

4. Hold the easy bracket up to your saddlebag, lining up the taped marking points with the upper bolt holes in the easy bracket. While continuing to hold up your bracket, use your marker or tape to mark the two bottom bolt hole locations.

5. Drill holes in the saddlebag corresponding to the four bolt holes in the easy bracket. Bolt the easy bracket to the saddlebag, using the bolts that came with your easy bracket set. Tighten the bolts with the washers that came with the set.

6. Place your saddlebag on the motorcycle by lining up the docking posts with the holes on the outside of your easy bracket. Test the strength of your saddlebag by placing a few heavy objects inside and driving the motorcycle around the block.