Install Screaming Eagle Ecm

Using the tuner software with your motorcycle allows you to modify aspects of your bike.

Screaming Eagle, or “Screamin’ Eagle,” is the “high-performance” division of Harley Davidson. They produce a race tuner software designed to allow a Harley Davidson owner to virtually tune their bike. ECM, or “Enterprise Content Management,” refers to the virtual “brain” of software management. The race tuner software requires no add-on for additional ECM because the tuner is capable of reprogramming the stock ECM. Installing a new ECM on your bike requires making a few connections.


1. Insert the Race Tuner disc into your computer and follow the installation process.

2. Connect the included 9 pin serial cable to your computer. Turn off your bike.

3. Access the bike’s data link connector by removing the side cover on the right. Connect the 4 pin end of the cable to the connector.

4. Connect the Race Tuner module to the 9 pin female end of the bike’s cable.

5. Connect the 9 pin female connector from your computer to the 9 pin male end of the module.

6. Turn your bike’s ignition switch on. Click on “Program ECM” on the map screen on the race tuner module.

7. Wait while the software reprograms your bike’s ECM.