Install Sirius Radio On A Harley

Aftermarket options exist for adding Sirius radio functionality to Harleys.

As the price for satellite radio receivers and services has continued to drop, satellite radios are increasingly becoming a factory installed option on many cars and trucks. While Harley Davidson offers a custom kit that provides XM Radio functionality, no Sirius kit exists. Fortunately, Harley owners have the option of installing a custom kit on to their bikes that is capable of providing Sirius satellite radio functionality to the bike.


1. Remove two T27 screws from the bike’s left clutch assembly using the hex key. Alternatively, remove two T27 screws from the right brake assembly.

2. Place the spacers provided with the mount kit over the screw holes.

3. Place the mount over the spacers and reinsert the screws. Tighten the screws with the hex key. Ensure that the mount is firmly in place.

4. Attach the Sirius satellite radio receiver to the mount.