Install The Hd 6000 Expressvu Satellite Dish

Install a Bell ExpressVu dish with a little effort and preparation.

The HD 6000 ExpressVu satellite dish is part of the BellTV system, a division of Bell Canada, which provides high-quality digital picture and sound, along with many channel options, to homeowners across Canada when traditional cable service is not available or isn’t the preferred choice. Prior to using the system, proper installation of the dish itself is key to the successful operation of the ExpressVu system. Installation can be done by a professional after purchasing the system or by the homeowner with only a little effort and preparation.


1. Identify a location where to install the dish that provides a view of the southern sky that is clear of obstructions. Barriers, natural or man-made, such as mountains, trees, buildings and other structures, can interfere with the satellite signal.

2. Write down the satellite coordinates for the community the dish is being set up in. These coordinates will be used in pointing the dish in the proper direction.

3. Assemble the dish using the official instructions that come with the system at the time of purchase.

4. Mount the dish to either a wall or an antenna mast. Whichever style of mount you choose, ensure that it is both level and secure. If mounting to a wall, be sure the mounting brackets are securely in place. If mounting to a mast, be sure to use sufficient concrete to make certain the mast will not be moved by the weather.

5. Tighten the nuts on the dish loosely so the dish can be further adjusted to the proper coordinates for tilt, elevation and azimuth. These should match the coordinates that you wrote down.

6. Connect the dish to the receiver unit by running a coaxial cable from the unit and into the house at the nearest entry point. If there is no previously created entry point, you may have to drill a hole to allow the wire to be fed into the house.