Install The Screaming Eagle Race Clutch Kit

Screaming Eagle race clutches are made for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The Screaming Eagle race clutch kit is another in the line of Screaming Eagle high-performance accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Kits feature a re-engineered clutch basket, heavier friction plates and stronger springs that deliver increased torque for racing applications. With regard to performance, the Screaming Eagle race clutch is generally considered overkill for everyday riding. Knowledge of basic motorcycle wrenching and your hand tools are all that’s necessary to install a Screaming Eagle race clutch kit.


Removing the Factory Clutch

1. Park the motorcycle on its kickstand or center-stand and put the transmission in neutral. Allow the engine to cool to the touch.

2. Working on the left side of the bike, loosen the drain plug at the bottom of the primary chain case. Slide a drain pan under the plug and remove the plug by hand. Allow the oil to drain completely. Slide the drain pan out of the way and reinstall the drain plug.

3. Remove the primary chain case bolts using an Allen wrench or metric socket and ratchet. Save the bolts. Tap the edges of the clutch cover with a rubber mallet to unseat the gasket. Remove the cover and discard the gasket. Set the cover aside.

4. Pull the lifter and operating rod out of the center of the clutch plate and set them aside. Loosen and remove six hex-head nuts at the factory clutch cover. Discard the nuts and the clutch cover. Remove the factory clutch springs from the basket studs and discard the springs.

5. Pull the factory friction plates and metal spacers out of the clutch basket by hand. Discard the plates and spacers. Remove and discard six factory basket studs that thread into the primary case backing plate. Pull the factory clutch basket out of the primary case and discard it.

Screaming Eagle Clutch Installation

6. Position the Screaming Eagle race clutch basket in front of the primary case. Align the raised ridges on the outer edge of the basket with the grooves on the inner wall of the primary case. Push the basket fully into place by hand. Install six basket studs from the Screaming Eagle race clutch kit into the primary case backing plate and tighten the studs securely.

7. Refer to your service manual for friction plate and spacer installation instructions; these are consistent with factory replacements and racing clutch installation. Install the new friction plates and metal spacers alternately into the clutch basket by hand.

8. Slide each of the new clutch springs from the kit onto each of the basket studs. Align the holes in the new racing clutch cover with the outer ends of each basket stud. Push the new cover into place by hand, using enough pressure to expose the threads on the end of each stud. Thread a provided lock nut onto the end of each stud by hand.

9. Refer to the instructions and your service manual to determine the preliminary spring-force torque for the racing clutch. Tighten the lock nuts to the specified torque using your torque wrench.

10. Put the saved operating rod and lifter into the center of the new clutch cover. Position the new primary case gasket on the primary case. Reattach the factory primary case cover using the saved bolts. Fill the chain case with the recommended oil.