Install Throw Over Saddlebags

Cruiser Type Bags Mounted on a Honda

Motorcycles invite us to enjoy the freedom of the open road like no other vehicle can, but they don’t provide much room for storage. Many touring bikes come equipped with hard plastic or fiberglass saddlebags, which can be a cumbersome eyesore if you mostly take short rides around town. Throw over saddlebags are designed to be taken on and off a motorcycle quickly and easily, and can be the answer for carrying small amounts of cargo around town.



1. Set the saddlebags in position over the passenger seat on the motorcycle

2. Adjust the width of the center strap or straps. The bags should sit below or just above the top of the passenger seat, but the bottom of the bags should not come in contact with the exhaust pipes. The saddlebags will come with an adjustment to change the length of the strap running between the bags. Sport bike bags will have nylon pull straps that can simply be pulled to be shortened. Cruiser type bags will usually have a series of holes punched into the leather or imitation leather center straps. Overlap the two straps at the desired length and reinstall the laces

3. Connect the saddle bags to the support frames using nylon straps. If your motorcycle or saddlebags did not come with support frames, you might wish to purchase a set from a motorcycle accessory supplier. The bags should be secured at the front and rear to prevent the bags from sliding forward or backward, and at the bottom of each bag to prevent the bags from shifting left to right.

4. Check that the saddlebags do not come in contact with the exhaust pipes or any moving parts on the rear suspension.

5. Secure any excess length in the retaining straps. When you are riding the straps will have a tendency to flutter in the wind, which could be a distraction.