Install Vance & Hines Exhaust On A Harley Davidson Rocker

An aftermarket motorcycle exhaust

The Rocker is Harley-Davidson’s custom chopper. With its solo seat, fat rear tire and kicked-out front end, it looks like it has been stripped down for speed. It actually weighs about 700 lb., however, and the engine produces only about 63 horsepower. Vance & Hines is one of several aftermarket exhausts. The Vance & Hines exhaust should boost your Rocker’s horsepower above 70.


1. Cover all finished areas on the right side of the motorcycle with rags to protect your paint and chrome. Remove the right foot peg and brake pedal with a socket wrench. Loosen all of the fasteners that connect your exhaust manifold and exhaust support bracket with a socket wrench or box wrenches. Disconnect the two oxygen sensors with a wrench. You will reinstall these sensors with your new exhaust.

2. Loosen all remaining fasteners holding the exhaust on by hand. Remove the old exhaust. Remove and replace the exhaust manifold gaskets. Using a small screwdriver or snap ring pliers, remove and set aside the clamps and retainer rings. You will use them on your new exhaust.

3. Install all of the hose clamps that will support the heat shields. They must remain loose. If you tighten the hose clamps at this point, you risk warping your exhaust.

4. Use a wrench and thread locker to bolt on the new exhaust mounting bracket that came with your Vance & Hines pipes.

5. Reinstall your retainer rings and clamps in your new exhaust. Loosely bolt your new exhaust to your exhaust manifold and exhaust support bracket. Put Teflon paste on the oxygen sensors and reinstall them in your new header pipes.

6. Tighten the bolts that attach your new exhaust to the exhaust headers and support bracket using a wrench. Attach your heat shields to the hose clamps with a flat-head screwdriver.