Install Vance & Hines Quiet Baffles

The Harley has slip-on mufflers with replaceable baffles. All baffles install the same way.

Vance & Hines, an aftermarket motorcycle parts manufacturer in Santa Fe Springs, California, sells exhausts for American V-twins, metric cruisers, sport bikes and dirt bikes. Most of the company’s exhausts feature replaceable baffles. Since the company was founded in 1979, most Vance & Hines’ products have been marketed as performance enhancers. Early in the new millennium the company started selling “Quiet Baffles” for many of its exhausts. The baffles do not increase horsepower. They are marketed to anti-Wild Ones who worry what the neighbors think. Vance & Hines claims Quiet Baffles make your pipes 2 to 3 decibels quieter “on average.”


1. Remove the end caps, if any are present, after loosening the end cap screw with an Allen wrench.

2. Remove the rear heat shields on both the front and rear mufflers by loosening the hose clamps with a flat head screwdriver. Pull the heat shields off with your hands.

3. Loosen the single baffle screw on the bottom of each muffler with an Allen wrench. Save the screws. Pull out the old baffles with your hands.

4. Slide the new Quiet Baffles into both mufflers, ensuring that the baffles’ screw holes face down.

5. Align the screw holes in both baffles with the screw holes in both muffler shells. Tighten both baffle screws with an Allen wrench.

6. Slip the heat shields back onto the front and rear exhausts. Tighten the heat shields to the exhaust pipes with a flat head screwdriver.

7. Replace the end caps, if necessary, using the screws you just removed and an Allen wrench.