Install Yamaha Bolt On Saddlebags On A 2007 Yamaha Road Star

Saddlebags seem to be the norm, not the exception, on Yamahas.

Yamaha introduced the Road Star to compete for cruiser market share with Harley-Davidson. Harley discovered long ago that the biggest profits in the business were in accessories, after sales. Saddlebags are so basic to motorcycling that it might be reasonable to make them standard equipment on most cruisers, yet they are not standard on most Harleys. Yamaha modeled their after-sale marketing on Harley’s, so people who buy a Road Stars also have to buy bags. Road Star owners can get the same style bags that Harley owners can. The bags are not interchangeable between the two brands, but the installation is basically the same between Road Stars and Harley Softails.


1. Identify the fender trim on both sides of your rear fender. Put your hand inside the rear fender and feel for rear fender trim nuts. Not all Road Stars have nuts.

2. Lay out and inspect all the parts and hardware that came with your saddlebags. Read the instructions. Some saddlebags come with frames that you bolt to the fenders. You bolt the bags to these frames. Some bags come with brackets that replace the fender trim. Other bags bolt directly to the rear fender.

3. Working on one side at a time, unbolt the rear fender trim with a ratchet or box wrench and remove it. If the trim is attached with both bolts and nuts, use a box wrench to immobilize the nut inside the fender. Most Road Stars use hex-head bolts to attach the fender trim, so use a hex wrench to remove this bolt. Replace the fender trim with any frames or brackets included with the saddlebags. All motorcycles vibrate, so be sure to use maximum strength thread locker on all of the bolts.

4. Bolt, clip or fasten the saddlebag to the fender, frame or mounting bracket. Repeat on the other side.