Install Yamaha Raider Saddlebags

A chopper

With its low profile and kicked-out front end, the Yamaha Raider intentionally emulates the look of high-end custom Harleys. It is an homage to new millennium bar hoppers. Yamaha calls it “chopper inspired.” Choppers and bobbers usually don’t have bags but Yamaha will sell you a pair anyway. Dozens of other motorcycle aftermarket companies will too. And if you take your Raider for a trip, they are likely to come in handy. This is how Hardstreet Slimbags bolt onto your Raider.


1. Identify the pistol-shaped fender rail on both sides of your rear fender. Work on one side at a time. Remove the two rear bolts from one fender rail with a ratchet. Unpack the saddlebags and identify the left and right saddlebags. Attach the right saddlebag first. Unpack the mounting brackets and identify the brackets, bolts, spacers, washers and screws. You should have four of each. Read the instructions included with the brackets.

2. Use two short screws and two long bolts to attach two brackets to the right saddle bag.

3. Use two spacers and your original fender rail bolts to attach the right saddlebag to the right fender rail with a box wrench.

4. Repeat with the left saddlebag.