Install Yamaha Vstar 1300 Iso Grips

ISO grips give your V-Star a custom look.

ISO grips are custom motorcycle grips that are made of metal and have rubber pads on them to give you extra comfort while riding. You will need to remove the entire stock grip from both handlebars before you can install the aftermarket ISO grips on your Yamaha V-Star 1300. This is a basic job that requires few tools, and can be completed in about an hour.


1. Remove the mounting screws from the end of each handlebar with a screwdriver. Remove the end cap and set it aside. Place the blade of a flat-head screwdriver between the stock grip and the handlebar.

2. Spray lubrication between the stock grip and the handlebar. Slide the stock grip off the handlebar and set it aside. Pull the handlebar cover off the handlebar to expose the plastic handlebar.

3. Sand the plastic handlebar to rough up the surface. Slide the ISO metal cover onto the handlebar. Slide the ISO grip over the metal cover.

4. Place the ISO end cap onto the end of the ISO grip and turn it clockwise to tighten it. Tighten the end cap with pliers until the end cap is snug.