Installation Instructions For A Luggage Rack On A Harleydavidson Motorcycle

Most bikes come with no storage capacity.

Most motorcycles have very little or no storage. Most of the time this is not a big problem, except when you are going on a trip or when you need to bring something with you. There are some solutions to your problem, including saddlebags or a luggage rack. When saddle bags are not an option or do not provide enough room, then a luggage rack is the next step. A luggage rack allows you to securely strap down your cargo, without changing the look of your bike.


Installing the Lower Luggage Rack

1. Remove the pillion, the seat and the seat base, then remove the turn signal mounting screws.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the rear fender support strut screws and discard them.

3. Line the mounting bracket up with the holes for the seat. Install the lower luggage rack mount bracket with the screws, flat washers and nuts provided in the kit. Tighten the screws with a hex head screwdriver.

4. Insert the screws and nuts through the rear fender support strut and the lower luggage rack mount bracket. Then route the turn signal wire harnesses through the groove in the bracket.

5. Install the new turn signal mounting screws with the screwdriver then reinstall the seat base.

Installing the Upper Luggage Rack

6. Install the upper luggage rack mount bracket with the original seat base screws in the lower holes. Do not tighten the base screws.

7. Mount the screws into the slotted holes in the upper luggage rack mount bracket and flange nuts.

8. Slide the upper bracket as far back in the slots as possible then tighten the screws with the screwdriver.

9. Align the holes in the luggage rack with the holes in the mount bracket. Install the spacers and the screws then tighten them with the screwdriver.

10. Reinstall the pillion and the seat.