Installation Instructions For A Power Commander Fxcw Rocker

Harley Davidson motorcycles have electronic fuel injectors. The electronic control module of the fuel injector controls the amount of fuel and air from the carburetor that is supplied to the engine’s cylinders. Occasionally the electronic control module needs recalibrating. This can be done with an add-on module. Add-on modules such as the Power Commander FXCW Rocker connect to the electronic control module and fuel injectors. The add-on module calibrates and modifies the electronic control module’s signals before they reach the injectors.


1. Tip the motorcycle’s seat up on its hinges. Remove the plastic battery cover. Remove the battery and the plastic tray it was sitting on. Unplug the wiring harness for the taillight from the main harness, located to the right of the battery. Remove the four rear fender bolts. Remove the rear fender.

2. Remove the two Allen hex bolts that hold the plastic electronics cover that sits in front of the rear fender of the bike. Slide the plastic cover out and over to the right side of the motorcycle. Unplug the stock wiring harness, which is located on the left side of the motorcycle, from the electronic control module.

3. Push the PCV harness through the battery box hole on the left side of the motorcycle. Plug the gray connector of the PCV into the electronic control module. Move the stock connector over to the back of the electronic control module. Insert the black connector of the PCV into the stock wiring harness. Secure the PCV and stock harness connection onto the wiring with a zip tie.

4. Replace the battery tray and the battery. Make sure that the PCV harness remains in position.

5. Remove the cover on the front of the bike so that you can access the O2 sensor. Unplug the front O2 sensor from its stock wiring harness. Plug your new O2 sensor eliminator into the stock wiring harness. Reinstall the cover.

6. Unplug the rear O2 sensor, located near the right hand side of the oil tank, from its stock wiring harness. Plug the new O2 sensor eliminator into the stock wiring harness.