Installation Instructions For A Vance & Hines Big Radius

Vance and Hines offers a unique exhaust system for your motorcycle in the form of Big Radius. When upgrading parts of your motorcycle, the exhaust system is normally the first part to be considered by an expert. This is because the flow of your ride highly depends on the performance of the exhaust pipes and the entire system. Today, motorcycle exhaust systems rank first in the motorcycle industry’s aftermarket upgrades.


Removing the Exhaust System

1. Locate the oxygen sensor connector at the rear side of the motorcycle, right under its oil tank on the right hand side. Unplug the connector, feeding the wires end through the frame to free it from the motorcycle.

2. Open the cover right above the rectifier in front of the frame to gain access to the connector. Do this by removing the bolts securing the cover with a wrench. Remove the cable tie by pulling it free from your motorcycle using your fingers.

3. Loosen the mounting bolts at the right side of the floorboard to allow you to remove the exhaust system and permit the installation of the Big Radius. For Harleys, this can only be done with FLSTSC, FLSTF, FLSTN and FLSTC models.

4. Loosen the clamps of the heat shield found on the front and rear pipes of the exhaust system, using a screwdriver to remove the screws. Remove the nuts securing each pipe at the head of cylinder using a wrench.

5. Remove the passenger footpeg and hanger at the right side. These are attached to the mounting bracket of the exhaust system. Use a 3/8-by-2-1/2-inch Allen bolt to secure a new footpeg assembly.

6. Take out the entire exhaust system as well as the lower mounting studs on your motorcycle frame.

7. Take out the exhaust port flanges as well as the circlips in the stock system of your bike, using snap-ring pliers.

Installing the Big Radius

8. Install the brackets into the lower holes of the frame right below the right passenger footpeg, using two 3/8-by-3/4-inch flange bolts. Lay the head pipes into the heat shields, securing them with the #20 hose clamps.

9. Apply anti-seize compound onto the oxygen sensor threads to install the head pipes. Install the flanges and circlips from the exhaust system onto your new head pipes and secure them with stock flange nuts.

10. Attach the pipes to your bracket using 5/16 x 5/8-inch flange bolts and align the pipes to make sure that there is no gap between the two muffler bodies.

11. Install the muffler heat shields using #28 hole clamps and feed the wire of the motorcycle’s front oxygen sensor right through the frame.

12. Reassemble the exhaust system, reversing the order of its disassembly.