Installation Instructions For Vance & Hines Big Shots Vtx

Replacing the stock exhaust on your motorcycle provides increased power and a deeper sound. To do this, you can install an aftermarket exhaust system from Vance & Hines. Exhausts from Vance & Hines come in many types, such as the Big Shot VTX. This type of exhaust is known as a staggered system, because the pipes sit one on top of the other. However, you need to assemble the pipes before attaching them to your motorcycle.


1. Using a wrench, remove the bolts that are used to secure the pipe for the exhaust to the head on the rear cylinder. Repeat this step for the front cylinder head.

2. Locate the mounting bracket for the exhaust pipe that is on the bottom of the frame. This is typically below the transmission, depending on your model of bike. Remove the bolt that secures the bracket.

3. Pull the old exhaust pipe off the bike.

4. Place a new gasket for the exhaust on the font cylinder head. Set the end of the new exhaust pipe over the gasket and secure it using the bolts and socket wrench. Repeat this step for the front cylinder head.

5. Align the mounting bracket on the back of the new exhaust pipes with the bolt hole in the frame for the old mounting bracket. Insert a bolt into the bracket and tighten with the socket wrench.