Installation Requirements For Directv In Hd

To enjoy the full benefits of DirecTV’s high-definition programming, you must meet a few installation requirements, each of which your authorized DirecTV installer or sales representative will go over with you before installing the necessary equipment. The first requirement is to contact DirecTV or an authorized retailer to schedule an appointment for an installation technician to visit your home.


DirecTV’s HD service requires the installation of a high-definition satellite dish and receiver to work properly. Usually, the satellite dish is installed to the rooftop of your home or to a sturdy metal pole. The installation technician will attach the dish to a part of your rooftop so that an unobstructed view of the southern sky is attained. If you rent the home you are living in, you will need to get permission from the home owner or landlord before the technician will install the satellite dish. A special high-definition receiver connects to the satellite dish through a wired connection and transmits programming from the dish to the receiver, and then to the TV. A high-definition TV is also needed to display high-definition programming, although a high-definition receiver will work with a standard-definition TV.


You must also subscribe to a DirecTV HD service package to enjoy the benefits offered by the provider’s high-definition services. Each DirecTV HD package offers various amounts of cable channels and the option of adding premium movie channels, such as HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. These packages contain standard- and high-definition versions of each channel that broadcasts in high definition as part of your package. This means you will have to tune to a specially assigned channel to view your desired programming in high definition.

Internet Features

Your DirecTV HD receiver is capable of connecting wirelessly to the Internet through a Wi-Fi router. A special connector kit is needed to make this connection, which can be made by you or by the installation technician. Special connectors need to be attached to the back of the HD receiver and the Wi-Fi router to complete this link. Once connected, you can access DirecTV Cinema, an on-demand video service that gives you access to more than 6,000 movies and TV shows at the time of publication, some of which are not available in high definition.


Some TVs are available in Internet-ready models, offering access to the Internet without the need for the special connectors needed for establishing an Internet connection in TVs without this feature. In these types of TVs — typically produced with high definition capabilities — you or your installation technician can connect the DirecTV HD receiver directly to the TV to enjoy the Internet-based features. With a wireless Internet connection, your DirecTV HD receiver also enables you to search for and watch YouTube video content, but not in high definition — unless the video accessed was recorded in high definition.