Installing Led Pod Lighting

LED Pod lights are designed to accent and enhance autos and motorcycles. Customize your ride by placing them along running boards, under fuel tanks on motorcycles, around the dashboard — or anywhere you wish to draw attention via multi-colored LED lights. LED lights are inexpensive and designed to last up to 10,000 hours. When the lights do go out, it is usually because the batteries need changing, and not from burnt out LED bulbs.


1. Peel off the tape on the adhesive at the back of the LED pods. Peel the tape off the snap mount bracket, if your pod is so-equipped.

2. Stick the pod, adhesive side down, on any surface you wish the lights to go. If you have a snap mount bracket, stick that to the region and then snap the pod into the bracket at the plastic hinges.

3. Wash and dry any exterior area where you want to mount the LED pods, to ensure the stickiness won’t be compromised due to grit and grime. Use a sponge and soapy water to wash, then dry the surface thoroughly with a rag.

4. Check that the LED pods mounted externally are not around heat-radiating engine points, or the exhaust system.