Instructions For A Vrsc Security System

In 1901, William S. Harley drew a blueprint of an engine intended for a bicycle — and the first Harley Davidson motorcycle was made available to the public in 1903. The company has continued to sell its bikes to motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world for 100 years. Installing a Harley Davidson security system smart siren on your VRSCA, VRSCB, VRSCD, VRSCF or VRSCR model keeps it safe, when you’re not flying down the open road.


2002-2006 VRSCA, VRSCB and VRSCD Installation

1. Open the seat by hand, and undo the mud flap nuts with the crescent wrench. Zip them up in one of the plastic bags, and lower the mud flap, until it sits on your bike’s rear tire.

2. Unscrew the fuel cap and filler boot by hand: Zip the boot in another plastic bag and replace the fuel cap.

3. Disconnect the fuel pump connector, which is the last connector to the left of the fuel cap, by hand. Pick up the now-free security siren connector by hand.

4. Thread the siren connector from under the right-side of the fender. Insert the connector end into the siren’s connecting receiver, until it clicks.

5. Position the round sounder disc of the siren upwards — and tape the siren down, with the plain-backed loop fastener — to the hook fasteners of the mud flap.

6. Put the mud flap back on and tighten its nuts with the crescent wrench. Take the fuel cap off and replace the fuel boot, before screwing the cap back on to finish.

2006-2007 VRSCR Installation

7. Open the seat by hand, take off the mud flap’s nuts with the crescent wrench, and zip them up in a plastic bag. Take off the fuel cap and filler boot. Replace the fuel cap, and zip the boot up in another plastic bag.

8. Disconnect the fuel pump/sender connector — located at the end of the harness lead that ties around the fuel tank — by hand, to show the security siren connector. Take the hex nut and flat washer off the passenger seat with the crescent wrench and zip both of them in another plastic bag, before removing the seat by hand.

9. Undo the four hex screws and spacer washers on the rear outer fender with the crescent wrench, and zip them in another plastic bag. Slide the fender back and lift up by hand, to remove it.

10. Route the siren connector through the fender’s right side, and insert the siren connector into the siren until it clicks. Insert the siren into the mounting caddy.

11. Replace the fender and its nuts/washers, and replace the passenger seat’s nut and washer. Re-install the mud flap to the fender’s underside with its nuts; take the fuel cap off, replace the fuel boot and screw the fuel cap back on to finish.

2007 and Later VRSCA, VRSCD, VRSCF Installation

12. Open the seat by hand. Take the passenger seat’s nut and washer off with the wrench and zip them up in a plastic bag.

13. Take out the rider seat retaining post by hand, and slide the passenger seat forward until it detaches from its mounting tab before you pull it off.

14. Cut the tape that holds the security siren connector and harness lead together with scissors; plug the siren connector into the siren’s receiver until it clicks in.

15. Position the siren into the mounting caddy, ensuring the sounder disc is facing upwards. Slide the passenger seat back into its mounting tab, and replace the retaining post.

16. Screw the nut and washer of the seat back on with the crescent wrench to finish.