Instructions For Making A Motorcycle Table Decoration

Create custom motorcycle-themed decorations for your party.

Decorations add greatly to a party’s theme and ambiance. Homemade or store-bought decorations can be used to deck out tables and chairs, making it easier to relate to a specific theme. Motorcycle table decorations are useful for sports-themed parties or ones that have an action-related theme. These decorations can also be customized to specific motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, Honda or Hayabusa. Use thick cardstock for sturdy decorations that can last for a long time. Fabric, tattoos, metal knick-knacks and even helmets can be used to make appropriate table decorations. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Collect small items that can be used for table decorations for a motorcycle-themed party. Look for small motorcycle toys, wheels, metal studded belts, bandannas and checkered cloth or fabric.

2. Place metal-studded belts as runners along the table to enhance the motorcycle theme. You can also stick metal studs bought from a craft store on steel-colored fabric to create custom table runners.

3. Create a motorcycle track along the table runners or along the length of the table to define space for your table decoration. Paint the track in dashed lines on the fabric table runner or paint directly on the table cloth.

4. Use a motorcycle drawing template to cut out motorcycle shapes on cardstock that can be used in the center of the table. You can also print out motorcycle pictures online, stick them on thick cardstock, and cut out the outline to create custom decorations.

5. Prop up the motorcycle decorations at random spots along the track on the table. Use glue dots to add a 3D effect by placing the glue dots on the table and sticking the motorcycle cutouts on the glue dots.

6. Stick plastic wheels on the edges of the table to create a border. If you do not have enough, you can also scatter them along the table.

7. Tie bandannas on all four corners of the table or on the chairs to enhance the theme.

8. Cut out rectangle-shaped pieces out of checkered fabric to create placemats for the motorcycle-themed table decoration.