Instructions For Mounting A Sidecar

Learn mount a sidecar on your motorcycle.

A sidecar is a small, pod-like seat that attaches to the side of a motorcycle for a passenger. The sidecar option can accommodate a variety of passengers, from a small child to a large adult who would otherwise be uncomfortable with being astride a motorcycle. You can mount a sidecar onto the frame of your motorcycle with a common hand tool and the parts included with your sidecar.


1. Remove the packaging from around the sidecar and inspect it carefully for any small parts or pieces. Unbolt the sidecar assembly from the shipping pallet with a wrench.

2. Separate the body of the sidecar from the chassis frame underneath. Remove the bolts in the floor of the body that attach it to the frame.

3. Locate the mounting point on the front side of the motorcycle’s frame just in front of the exhaust pipe. Take the bolts out of the mounting point and save them for later.

4. Use a wrench to attach the upper front mount on the sidecar’s frame to the mounting point on the bike. Use the hardware in the sidecar mount to attach the frames together but do not tighten them all the way.

5. Remove the U-strap from the mount on the front of the frame below the front upper mount. Slide the strap around the rail along the bottom of the frame and push it toward the front of the bike until it meets the fixed mounts on the bike’s frame.

6. Reconnect the U-strap to the sidecar’s frame with the bolts you removed earlier. Move along the bike’s frame until you reach the rear where the sidecar and bike come together.

7. Attach the lower mount on the rear of the frame to the motorcycle frame using the bolts you removed from the front, upper mounting point on the bike.

8. Release the bolts holding the crash bars onto the motorcycle’s frame and slide the sidecar’s frame in between the bars and the bike’s frame. Secure the upper rear mount and the bars back onto the bike’s frame with the removed bolts.

9. Tighten all of the sidecar’s frame connections then attach the mounting arms to the frame. Make sure the arms are pointing out away from the bike and parallel to the ground.

10. Mount the sidecar chassis onto the frame and secure the parts together. Align the arms and chassis before tightening all of the hardware in place.