Instructions For The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300hd

The 8300HD is designed for use with HDTVs.

The Scientific Atlanta 8300HD is a set-top receiver box and digital video recorder (DVR) used by cable television providers including Time Warner and Charter Cable. Features with the 8300HD include the ability to process and display high-definition (HD) channels and to record up to 20 hours of HD programming or up to 50 hours in standard definition (SD). Other options include pausing and rewinding live TV, picture-in-picture (PIP) and recording two channels at once while viewing another previously recorded show. It is also designed to make it easy for the user to access and manage its various functions.


1. Connect the 8300HD to your television using the type of cables supported by your TV. To display HD video, use either HDMI (thin, rectangular-shaped connector) or component video cables (five color-coded connectors: red, blue and green for video, red and white for audio). Otherwise, a coaxial cable or composite RCA cables will also work, though again with those the HD channels will not have HD resolution. Connect the cable(s) from the output on the rear of the receiver to the matching input on the TV.

2. Turn the TV on and set it to the input the receiver is connected to (i.e. HDMI1 or TV). With the 8300HD powered off but plugged in, press “Guide” and “Info” on the front of the unit simultaneously to initiate the setup wizard when using it for the first time. The HDTV Setup Wizard will appear on screen; press the yellow ‘”A” button on the remote supplied with the 8300HD to begin setup. Use the “A” and the blue “B” button to select the various setup options, including easy or advanced setup and wide or standard picture size, and press “Power” to begin watching TV.

3. Use the numeric keypad on the remote control to select a channel to view, or press “Guide” to bring up the on-screen guide. Press the up or down arrow key to scroll through the channels of the guide one by one, or press “Page+” or “Page-” to scroll through in groups of five. Press “SEL” to view the channel highlighted on the guide.

4. Press “Settings” on the remote control to access the Settings menu, and use the arrow keys to scroll through the categories and individual settings. Options will include picture size/aspect ratio, closed captioning, audio/SAP, on-screen language, parental controls and favorite channels. Press “SEL” to select an option, use the arrow keys to choose a setting and press “SEL” again to save the setting. Press “Exit” to exit the on-screen menu.

5. Press “Record” to begin recording the program you are currently viewing, or navigate the on-screen channel guide to highlight a future program on any available channel and press “SEL” to have the DVR record that program. Scroll through the recording options that pop up to choose the recording settings, which include single or series recording, all episodes or new only and starting/ending early or late. The program will then be shown as set to record in the guide; press “SEL” again to change or cancel a recording.

6. Press “List” to open the list of your recorded programs. Use the up or down arrow key to highlight a program, and press “SEL” to open the playback options, which will include “Play from beginning” or “Restart” if you have previously watched all or part of the program. Use the appropriate keys on the remote to pause, stop, rewind or fast-forward playback, pressing the “Rewind” or “Fast-Forward” keys multiple times to scan at higher speeds. After stopping playback, use the arrow keys to choose an option such as “Stop and Save,” “Stop and Delete” or “Restart.”