Instructions On Mount A Harley Davidson Sideplate

Captain America’s bike had an extra-high sissy bar.

Sideplate installation is typically one of the first improvements a new owner makes to his brand new Harley. Most new owners are urged by their significant others to install a sissy bar on their bikes. Before the new owner can install a Harley sissy bar, he must install a set of sideplates. If they are Harley-Davidson sideplates, before the owner can install them, he must install the proper mounting hardware. Dealers often try to convince new owners that the job can only be done by certified mechanics. In fact, the job is just hard enough that someone who has never turned a wrench before in his life might feel a little proud when he is finished.


1. Tape a couple of rags to your rear fender to protect the finish.

2. Reach inside the fender and feel the hex nuts that secure the rear fender trim to the fender. Work on one side at a time.

3. Hold the sideplate against the fender trim. Use the notches or holes in the sideplate to identify the two fender trim bolts that must be replaced. They should be the two rearmost bolts.

4. Remove each of these trim bolts by immobilizing the hex nut inside the fender with a box wrench and turn the bolt head on the trim side with a socket wrench and socket. Save the hex nuts and washers.

5. Apply threadlocker to the threads of one of the front and one of the rear docking point bolts included in your sideplate mounting kit. Replace the fender trim bolts with one front and one rear docking point bolts.

6. Turn the hex nut on the inside of the fender finger tight for each docking point bolt, then back each nut off one full turn.

7. Push the end notch on the sideplate back onto the docking point closest to the front of the motorcycle. Push the sideplate notch closest to the end of the motorcycle down onto the rearmost docking point.

8. Tighten the hex nuts inside the fenders with a box wrench. Install the side plate on the opposite side of the motorcycle.

9. Remove the rags. Push the sissy bar legs straight down into the square support columns on the sideplates. Lock the sissy bar to the sideplates with the four Allen head screws included with your sideplate kit.