Instructions On Tie Into An Accessory Hook Up For A Harley Davidson Road King

Probably not the safest way to mount your nav system.

One thing’s for sure about the modern Harley customer: he or she sure doesn’t expect to ride around on a motorized bicycle. Harley generated a big following World War II, when pilots returning from the war found themselves with a bit of disposable income, no one to tie them down and an incipient craving for freedom, adrenaline and the rush of wind. If the modern Harley customer has one thing in common with those former fighter pilots — apart from the leather jacket, of course — it’s that he doesn’t feel particularly comfortable meeting the wind with no radio and no idea where he’s going. If your mission calls for a power supply to run a navigation system, satellite radio or Norton bombsight, rest assured that your Harley dealer has you covered.


1. Purchase a cigarette-lighter-style 12-volt power source online or from your Harley dealer. For $20, you get an outlet that will plug right into the accessory port under your seat and install with minimal drama. After you acquire your kit, remove the thumbscrew from the rear of the seat, then remove the seat from your bike to access the gray accessory plug between the seat rails.

2. Cut out the template that came with your kit and tape it to the rectangular area on your top side cover. The template provides several drilling locations for different model-year Road Kings; make sure to use the one indicated for your bike. Drill into the appropriate template hole with a 7/8-inch drill bit or hole saw, then

3. Unscrew the outer sleeve from the 12-volt socket and push it through the hole from the inside. Plug the connector into your accessory port and screw the outer sleeve over then end of the plug to hold it in place.