Iron On Patch Ideas

Iron-on patches are embroidered fabric patches with a mild adhesive backing that, when warmed by ironing, adhere the patch to fabric. Iron-on patches are available in a variety of designs, including cartoon figures, animals, letters, numbers, and flowers. When properly applied, iron-on patches are machine washable. There are numerous ways to use iron-on patches. Does this Spark an idea?

Hide Imperfections

An iron-on patch is perfect for covering stains or holes in fabric. Select a patch that is slightly larger than the stain or tear. To draw attention to a patch, choose one with a lot of patch coverage. (Patch coverage refers to how much of the patch is embroidered.) A patch embroidered on 100 percent of its surface will stand out, while patches embroidered on 50 percent of its surface will be less noticeable.

Cover tears in jeans by choosing a large denim iron-on patch. Iron denim patches over holes in jeans from either the outside or the inside of the pant leg. If you patch from the inside, the tear will look like a slice in the denim from the outside.

Make It Personal

Iron-on patches are excellent for adding initials or names to fabric. Iron on initials or names to beach towels, kids’ canvas overnight bags, backpacks, tote bags and sports bags for quick identification. Personalize jackets, hats and purses with patches. Decorate aprons or tote bags as gifts. Personalize bath towels with names, initials or a motif that matches your bathroom. Add flair to throw pillows with an iron-on patch.

Apply an Applique

Applique patches are more precisely cut and detailed than embroidered patches. Applique patches are either iron-on or sew-on. Iron on an applique patch if you like the look of patches but require a more formal or sophisticated look.


Do not iron patches onto leather, waterproof rain wear, stretchy material or nylon fabric. For these delicate or heat-intolerant fabrics, sew the patch on instead.