Is It Safe To Microwave Paper Plates

Is it Safe to Microwave Paper Plates?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, most paper plates are safe to use in the microwave. White, unprinted materials should be used for optimal safety.


Paper plates are microwave-safe, disposable and frequently white in color. They are commonly used at picnics.

Bleach and Dye

Colored or patterned paper plates may contain bleach and dye. Although these paper plates may be attractive, the chemicals used to design them may not be safe if put in the microwave as they may contaminate your food.

Other Microwave-safe Containers

Aside from white paper plates, any utensil labeled for microwave use (often labeled

“microwave-safe”) is safe to use in the microwave. The USDA said heatproof glass, oven cooking bags and heat-susceptible packaging are also microwave-safe.


The USDA warns to never put partially cooked food in the microwave because it may contain bacteria.


Using paper plates to microwave greasy food is not a good idea. Grease can soak through paper, so use glass containers or treys instead.