Is There An App For Recording Youtube On An Ipad

At least one iPad app lets you save videos to watch later.

With the iPad tablet computer, you can browse the Internet, send messages and do a myriad of other tasks. The iPad ships with a YouTube app that allows you to search and view YouTube videos directly on the mobile device. However, it does not let you record a YouTube video for later viewing. If you’re looking for an app that allows you to record or save YouTube videos, the answer is as close as the App Store.

The App

The TagDisk HD app is available for iPad users to record YouTube video. This application allows users to save YouTube videos and then watch them later, whether the user is online or offline at the time. Not only does the app allow you to save videos, but it allows you to save other types of files as well, including audio, presentations and spreadsheets.

Where to Get It

The TagDisk HD app is available in the App Store on the iPad. Users have two available options: TagDisk HD Lite, which is free, and TagDisk HD+, which costs $5.99. The Lite version comes with a number of advertisements throughout and has a limit of four simultaneous downloads. If you’re looking to download more files at once or don’t want to navigate through ads to download a short YouTube video, it may be worth it to pay for the “+” version.

Once It’s Downloaded

Once you’ve selected either the Lite or “+” version of the app, the next step is using it to download a YouTube video. To do this, launch the application and click “Browser” at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the YouTube website and find a YouTube video to download. Click the down arrow at the top of the screen to display the video’s URL. Click “OK.” After your file downloads, click “Downloads” and tap on its name to open it and watch it.

Another Way

If you don’t want to install an app on your iPad, you have another option for getting a YouTube video on your iPad. Download it to your computer using a site such as KeepVid or SaveTube and then connect the iPad to your computer. Perform a media sync to transfer the video file first stored on your computer to the iPad.