Jewel Quest 3 Hints

Jewel Quest 3 is played much like its two predecessors. You must clear jewels off the game boards and turn all its squares gold by matching three jewels as they drop down and off the board. Each world region in the game has multiple quests with its own quirks and challenges. There are a few small tricks you can use to solve the puzzles in each region.

Silver and Gold Quests

Each of the game’s regions has a set of Silver Quests. After you complete all the Silver Quests in each region, you must return to each region to take on the Gold Quests. However, the Gold Quests in a region won’t unlock until you complete the Hidden Quest in that region. You can complete the Hidden Quest at any time provided you locate it, and you can return to a region at any time after completing its Silver Quests to take on the Hidden Quest. The simplest path is to complete all the Silver Quests, then go back and find a region that says “Hidden Quest.” When you enter that region and read the diary for any location in the region, the diary will give you instructions for the Hidden Quest in the lower right. Locate and complete the Hidden Quest in each area and then take on the Gold Quests.

Region Hints

In the first region of Central America, it helps to start from the bottom of the board and move upward, as you can get more chain reactions from jewels that fall down from the top. When you deal with the ice and warming blocks in Iceland, remember that you only need to line up an ice block with a warming block to melt it–you don’t need to match up a jewel in the same move. In South America, you are competing with someone to make the most matches, so find a move that can give you multiple matches at once through chain reactions. In Europe, you’re competing to turn all your spaces gold first, so work from the bottom in places where the spaces are still brown above them. In Africa, you get special moves for matching Gold Lion Coins, so make matches in an area near the top of the board to help the coins drop. In Oceana, divide the board in half and try to get half the Silver Lion Coins you need in one half of the board. In China, avoid matching up three Monkeys or they will turn the gold squares gray. In the North Pacific, you should focus on matching up pearls above all else–they will turn gold squares brown if they fall off the board.