Keep A Low Rider Legal

In the culture of modified cars and trucks, pushing the limit of the law is part of the fun for drivers. However, you must learn where to draw the line on pimping your low rider, or the only flashing lights you’ll see will be coming from the police car behind you, not from your car’s enhancements.


1. Ensure that the car doesn’t scrape the ground under normal conditions. You must be able to enter and exit a sloped parking lot without scraping the pavement. If you have to enter at an angle, your car may face oncoming traffic for an unsafe duration.

2. Use a hydraulic system to elevate the car to comply with legal height requirements. Low rider aficionados also use hydraulics to make their cars tilt and bounce to music.

3. Engage your hydraulic system at the legal speed limit in your area. Many municipalities ban the use of hydraulics at speeds over 15 mph.

4. Check your state’s law regarding what color lights you can mount on your car. Many states only allow white or yellow lights on the front of the car, and white, yellow or red lights mounted on the back. Flashy colored lights can distract other motorists.

5. Tint the windows as dark as your local municipality allows. Some cities prohibit darkly tinted windows, except for the rear windows.

6. Install rims that are small enough to clear the fender on highway conditions. Larger rims could scrape the fender when the driver encounters rough roads, which can cause sparking.